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We used to spend a very long time sitting in a chair which is a modern work environment theme but we don’t care about our sitting position and which chair is perfect for us because we are spending a lot of time on it. That’s why a large number of people face back pain, shoulder pain, and mental pressure. So come up with this issue we have only one solution to find a perfect matching chair for your body relaxation and gain more energy to do the work. Finding a 700 lbs capacity recliner is not a big issue if you focus on our article which is all about the capacity recliner. So according to spending time on a chair a perfect and comfortable chair is very much needed for the body to consume the work pressure. 

So keep reading and don’t miss the silly tricks of the recliners, best of luck!

KVK Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner for Elderly with Massage and Heat, PU Leather Recliner Chair Ergonomic Lounge Chair with Wired Remote Control, Side Pocket for Living Room, Black

Product Features: 

Product Dimensions: 36 inch Deep x 29 inch Wide x 41 inch height

Room Type: Living Room, Study Room, Theater 

Color: Black

Form: Recliner

Material: Pure Leather

About this Recliner

  • A power lift and recliner where the elder people don’t need to use pressure to stand up or any movement so they just press the button and it will automatically stand up. It has a remote control system where you can adjust the movement and lift your position however you want.This is a kind of magic which will give you the best comfort by using this sofa.
  • Eight options for massage of eight points of the body and there is also a waist heating system.You can take massage of your back, lumber,thigh,leg with five adjustable modes at a time and there is also two intensity option.There is also a heating function which is adjusted with the lumber part which will work continuously with the massage period.You can also set timer (15/30/60 minutes) for your massage that will conduct the massage constantly according to your given time.
  • Manufacturing raw materials are very high quality and qualified.This recliner used a metal frame which is very high quality metal so it will give you the best stability of the body and durability for a long period of time. Up to the body frame there is a soft sponge which is very good quality and that will provide you with better comfort. Very high quality PU leather wrapped with the whole body of the sofa which is up to the sponge and the leather is fully waterproof..The high quality leather will provide you muscle relaxation and leather is very skin friendly.
  • Classical and posh design is used for making this sofa  where you will get skin friendly PU smooth leather and smart sponge on the padded back.There is a pocket on the right stair of the sofa where you can put small things there.
  • Cleaning process is very important and easy for this sofa so you have to use dry clothes by which you can clean very easily without any hassle and also within a very short time.
  • The recliner is very easy to install.We will provide you the information regarding the setting process that will help you to install the sofa within a few minutes so it will save you time and energy.We will provide you the best customer service. If there are any parts missing we will send you very fast and if you have any damage to the product we will provide you the best service. If you have any question regarding usage of this sofa you can contact us without any thinking then we will provide you the solution.


  • Lots of options for massage full body
  • Extra warm system
  • Leg space is very stable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Comparatively low price
  • Enough space for any person
  • Very useful for elder people
  • Customer service is available


  • Setting process will be tough if you don’t follow the given instructions.

Signature Design by Ashley Ballister Contemporary Power Lift Recliner, Brown

Product Features: 

Product Dimensions: 41 inch Depth x 36 inch Wide x 43 inch Height 

Recommended using: Relaxation

Room Type: Living room, Guest Room, Study Room, Theater

Color: Gunmetal

Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

About the Product: 

  • This is a power lift recliner which is made for arm rest and full body comfort. The product is conducted with modern style and there are four different motor designs available for controlling the leg rest, lumbar support, headrest and backrest. Independent four motor made it very special for using it and also for the best comfort.
  • Comfortable sitting position is the main feature of this sofa which has a foam cushion wrapped with high quality polyester. You just need to touch the button to adjust your movement on the chair.You can recline back very easily with the chair as you want to sit.
  • Structure of the recliner is well designed for the best comfort and it looks gorgeous with Gunmetal gray color which is easy to match in your room. Modern style will provide you with a wonderful decoration of your room.
  • 36 inches wide with 41 inches deep with 42 inches Height and the full lenth of this recliner is 72 inches which is made perectfully.
  • Very simple to install the sofa in your room and it will take a very short time to install in your room. Just you have to use a screwdriver to back the easy off chair and then it’s ready for you to provide the better comfort.We will provide you the information how to install this and if you follow the instructions you can save your time and energy.
  • From the direct manufacturer, we will provide you the sofa directly and there is no middle person so you can save a higher cost. We will deliver you with well designed packages and fresh products.
  • Fair price and the best quality of product is our main concern so you can purchase with high confidence because each and every product is well furnished, finishing, stability and durability tested.We always try to deliver the product which is worth it perfectly.


  • Price is lower than the given functions
  • Very comfortable
  • Body massage options are available
  • Consume very less electricity
  • Stability is very strong
  • Durability is very high
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to assemble


  • You have to manage a screwdriver which is not available with the sofa set.

J&L Furniture Power Lift Chair with Three OKIN Motor Electric Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly with Lumbar Support Lays Flat Home Sofa Chairs with Cup Holder and Side Pocket Chenille(Brownish Gray)

Product Features: 

Color: Brown Chenille 1

Material: Leather 

Brand: JL

Seat Material: Leather

Style: Modern

Chair Dimension: 5 cm and 3 inches wide and 6 cm in length 

About this Item: 

  • This power lift chair has a unique design with three motors to fulfill the demand and it plays a smooth independent role when it works for you. It has push functions by which you will push then the whole chair will up to help the sick and the older people at your house. This is very useful for the elder people because you can make a move without any pressure, you just press the function button and it will work on its own. This chair is so useful for those people who are seeking leg and back pain or surgery.
  • You will get lumbar support in this chair so you just have to use the remote by which you can control this system. The lumber system works separately where you can use any of the functions you need currently and it will give you a better quality of comfort and relaxation.
  • This sofa chair is a multi-angle for adjustments. The infinite position of this chair is quite good. The backrest of this chair can lie down from 110 degrees to 180 degrees and the footrest raises from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. The footrest and the back features have made this chair very different and you can adjust the angles how much you need to change. It will change according to your demand. You can adjust this chair when you are reading, watching movies, sleeping, etc.
  • The whole body of the sofa is made of a special wood called (CARB) California Air Resources Board which is formaldehyde-free. The mainframe of this chair is made of high qualities of wood and also a durable metal mechanism so that it can be used for a long time. For the longest durability of this product, there is used high-quality metal and wood. On the upper side of the body of this sofa is used a high-quality sponge pad and the main cover of this sofa is original leather. The sponge and the leather will provide you with the best comfort when you are using this.
  • The side pocket adds an extra look to this sofa and it is very much useful for keeping small things like the remote, iPad, magazines, etc. There is also a two-cup holder which will provide you the best comfort for your arms.


  • This chair is a fully remote control system
  • Useful for the elder people
  • Better comfort with long term use
  • Price is cheaper if you compare the features
  • Extra pocket with arm comfort


  • It will take more than 30 minutes to install the sofa.

Furgle Lift Chair Recliner with Massage and Heat for Elderly, Electric Power Lift Chair with Wide Armrest 2 Side Pockets and Cup Holders, Recliner Chair Sofa for Living Room, Gray

Color: Gray
Brand: Furgle
Seat Material: Foam
Frame material: Metal

About the product: 

  • A TUV-certified motor has been used in this chair which will help you to stand up easily and pull the backside and the leg space very easily. There you will find two buttons on the remote by which you can adjust the item up and lift as you want. You can control the whole control of this chair by remote for a better sitting position of yours.
  • For the best massage from this chair, there are two waist heating points and six vibration points have been added. You will find four massage options from this chair by which you can massage your back, waist, thigh, and leg at a time. There are three vibration intensity systems with five adjustable modes which you can control as you wish to do. You will get a full-body vibrating massage at a time. Waist heating options will help you to accumulate blood circulation and decrease stress.  
  • The backrest, armrest, and recliner are covered with very high-quality extra thick foam. The Foam is very skin-friendly and fabrics cover all the parts of the chair. It is very stylish looking wrapped which is very gorgeous to suit any place at the home and very friendly with the modern quality of furniture. 
  • The chair is fully metal-based so its structure is very hard which is important for the durability of the product. We have done a 25000 cycle test of opening and closing with 360lbs load and we didn’t find any problems like damages or function failure during the test period. So we can assure you of the best stability and durability of this product. There are also added cup holder options on the two sides and also a hand pocket for putting iPad, phone, paper, etc. You can enjoy your holiday and daily afternoon with this recliner chair.
  • The chair is 22 cm deep and 22 cm wide which has the biggest chair back with 20 cm height and 26 cm wide and the length of the footrest is 37.8 cm which is very preferable to carry 360 lbs weight without any hassle. This chair is very much perfect for any kind of person. Priority is very high for this chair for its bigger usage options.


  • Whole-body massage options at a time.
  • Extra four body massage options are available
  • Very useful for any kind of people
  • Skin Friendly cover
  • The durability and stability of this chair are very high
  • Well designed with style
  • Large space for sitting


  • It will take a bit of space at your home.It will take a bit of space at your home.

Signature Design by Ashley The Man-Den Leather Power Recliner with Adjustable Headrest & Wireless Charging, Gray

Short Features

Color: Gray

Material: Foam, Leather, Metal

Brand: Signature design by ashley

Style: Contemporary 

About this product:

  • If you put yourself in this recliner chair you will feel like you’re sitting in a sports car and also will feel an interior that is designed with technology. Lots of tech features are available in this recliner chair.
  • Genuine leather is used on the upper side of the recliner which has a corner-blocked system, and a cup holder system also. You will get one-touch control by which you can control the whole chair with one touch only. You, Will, find an ordinary padded armrest and hidden storage in this chair.
  • As an additional design, you will get one-touch power control, a wireless phone charging system, and a USB port for use. You can move the chair how you used to feel better because it’s up and lifting is very comfortable for any suitable position of sitting. 
  • The recliner is 38.5 inches wide x 37-inch Depth x 43.25-inch in height. This sofa is the perfect size for people of all ages. Everyone can fit their body very comfortably and for the elder people, this chair is best for use.
  • Installation Process: The installation process of this chair is very easy. You just have to manage a screwdriver by which you will set the back of the chair and then just plug into the electricity on your wall then it is for you to sit as you want. You can enjoy a happy afternoon with this chair.


  • Easy to control all the functions
  • Fully technology-based
  • High-quality Foam and Leather
  • Less time to install
  • Comfortable for all ages people
  • Full Metal Body
  • Durability and stability are very high


  • You cannot use it if you don’t know how to handle the functions so you have to read the instructions.

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Faux Leather Electric Power Lift Recliner for Elderly, Brown

Color: Saddle

Material: Leather

Size: Standard

Brand: Signature Design by Ashley

Seat Material Type: Polyester

About this Product: 

  • This is a contemporary power lift recliner. It is very stylish according to the modern generation furniture and in this recliner chair, there is dual moto has been added for the lift. You will find a touch button by which you can lift the chair and adjust the back pad how you want to change it, You can also set your leg position through the adjustable button.
  • Saddle Brown is an amazing color that is very suitable for any kind of room color. This recliner chair is fully covered with poly fiber which is skin-friendly. The back is high and comfortable and is made of thick cautions with corners blocked. The recliner chair is fully made of metal which gives you the durability of the product.
  • To complete a full cycle it takes 1 min to move from one side to another side which continues with 110V. Upright movement takes fourteen and a half seconds to complete the full cycle.
  • You just need five minutes to install the chair at your house. It will take 30 inches.


  • Price is very cheaper than the functions
  • Color is very suitable
  • Skin-friendly cover
  • Comfortable seat position
  • The movement system is very comfortable
  • Functions are very easy to control


  • It takes a bit of time to complete the cycle.

Lane Home Furnishings Rocker Recliner

Color: Walnut

Material: Wood

Size: Medium

Brand: Lane Home Furnishing

Seat Material Type: Foam

Dimensions of this product: 40 inches Deep x 44 inches Wide x 48 inches Height

About this product

  • This recliner chair is the King of Comfort. There is used a seven gauge of steel that can take weight up to 500 pounds. There is an HR Foam which is very qualities and comfort.
  • The cover of the sofa is very high-quality leather which is very comfortable and skin-friendly.
  • This product is made in the USA and high-quality hardwood has been used for the main body which will provide comfort, durability, and stability.


  • Very useful for all ages people
  • Extra sitting comfort
  • High-quality Foam
  • High-quality Leather
  • Hard wooden body
  • Durability and stability are very long


  • No technology is used here so there are no electric functions available.

Signature Design by Ashley Ludden Ultra Plush Manual Rocker Recliner with Tufted Back, Dark Brown

Color: Cocoa

Material: Textile

Size: Manual Recliner 

Brand: Signature Design by Ashley

Seat Material: Foam

About this product

  • This recliner is very much attractive and carries the smartness of the new world. It maintains the new generation’s culture and looks. Very much suitable for any color of room and offices, etc. This attractive design creates value with the style.
  • The backside of the chair is made of high-quality foam cushions and wrapped with soft, stylish polyester. You just look at the product and you can’t believe your eyes how attractive it is.
  • The frame of this chair and the corners are blocked and stapled with very high-quality glue and there is also added a fiver caution up to the frame which is low smelt. Up to the fiber, there is a high-quality foam that is very comfortable for seating and rest.
  • This recliner sofa is made in a generous size. The 70 inches full relined length of this sofa is very less space for any room. The Dimensions of the sofa are 40 inches Wide x 43 inches Deep x 43 inches in height.
  • This recliner sofa is very easy to install in your room. You just need to clean a place and just put it in the right place then it’s ready to use.
  • Ashley furniture works for you to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction. We are here to provide you with the product with good packaging, with higher protection, and ensure delivery in time with manners.
  • This product’s durability and stability are very long and we are the main manufacturer who is providing you with the exact information. We used to try to make products suitable with a minimum budget. So you can buy our products without any hesitation.


  • Very easy to install
  • Price is lower than other products
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Ordinary design according to the comfort zone
  • Hand control system for back
  • Very smooth and skin-friendly
  • Raw materials are highly qualified


  • No technology is used for this product so the elder people can face a bit of difficulty using this recliner chair.

Signature Design by Ashley Dylan Faux Leather Upholstered Manual Rocker Recliner, Brown

Color: Brown

Material: Faux Leather

Size: 40 inches Deep x 41 inches Wide x 40 inches Height

Style: Rustic

About this product

  • The recliner sofa is very much attractive and stylish which is suitable for the living room and the color quality of the leather has made an extra addition to the recliner sofa. Faux leather has added a great value to the comfort of the body.
  • A foam cautioned has been used up to the main body structure. It has a one-pull reclining motion which is supported by the metal seat and blocked frame.
  • The Recliner sofa is well furnished and the shapes and design are very unique which is a rich finish of this product.
  • The Lofty size of this sofa is awesome with 40 inches Deep x 41 inches Wide x 40 inches in Height. The reclining sofa legs are well furnished and strong for their structure.
  • You just need a screwdriver to install this sofa. First, you have to loose the back screw and just set it as your position then it’s ready to provide you the best comfort.
  • Ashley furniture works for you to achieve the target of customer reliability. We are here to outfit you the thing with extraordinary packaging, with higher protection and assurance movement in time with propensities.
  • This thing’s strength and robustness are very extensive and we are the key maker who is giving you the particular information. We used to endeavor to make things sensible with a base spending plan. So you can buy our things without the slightest hesitation.


  • High-quality sofa
  • Stability and durability are very high
  • The price is very low
  • Well furnished
  • Comfort and peace
  • Design is very unique


  • A bit tough to use for elder people if they cannot move their bodies.

Human Touch iJOY Total Massage FlexGlide Recliner Chair, Adjustable Height, 3 Auto-Programmed Massages & Targeted Air Cells for Foot, Calf, Shoulder, Back, Medium, Bone

Color: Bone

Material: Faux Leather and Metal

Size: Medium

Brand: Human Touch

Special Feature: Head support

About this product

  • This recliner sofa there is used very advanced technology in the sofas world. Highly qualified professionals worked on the structure of this sofa so that it could be very comfortable and easy to access for users. Massage roller and friction are very well set up for the recliner chair. Massage of the full body is very smooth in this chair and the sitting position is well decorated which will provide you with high-quality comfort.
  • The recliner chair has targeted air cells. This chair is very useful for body massage which helps to relieve stress. Advanced technology spine curvature is used for the maximum relaxation and fast curing of your body. The air cells are adjusted in the arms, shoulder, seat, and calves which helps to compress muscles for relaxation and relief soothing. 
  • Full body massage is a very amazing feeling in this chair. You will get a better experience of the massage with this chair. This product has a great feature by which you can adjust the chair manually according to your body and this intensity setting will provide you air pressure which will provide you a better relaxation and experience also.
  • The recliners conceive three massages which are auto programmed. All the massage programs are settled within a given time which is fifteen minutes period each. You can control the whole massaging process through the remote control system. With the remote, you can set your massage time how much you want. It has different massage modes like rolling, spinal massage, muscle massage, and kneading which help to control the blood circulation and increase the energy of the body
  • We will provide the whole chair with the needed parts of this chair within one carton. It is very easy to assemble a sofa at your house in any place. Head supportive features are also available in this reclining chair. It will provide you with the best quality massage therapy. This chair has a two years warranty so if you face any difficulty with this chair we will provide information during the use period also.


  • The feature is highly developed
  • Full control through the remote
  • Heavy massage functions
  • Full body massage at a time
  • Installation time is very easy and short
  • Fully automated system
  • Air Pressure on every side of the body position


  • Accessing the functions is a bit tough so you have to read the instructions given in a notebook before you use them.


 For buying a product you have to consider a few things like size, shape, quality, position, space, price, and material because these things are very important. You have to research the requirements of the product that a 700 lbs capacity recliner is suitable for you. Hopefully, the article has provided you with valuable information to make decisions about buying this product. So don’t think anymore and now you have deep knowledge about this product, go and order fast.