A large number of people throughout the globe are facing orthopedic problems in their right arms. It has been populated to the human society of doing long-term work sitting in a chair. This problem arises very soon, and there are few options with surgery. After doing right arm surgery, it is imperative to take rest a minimum of 30 days, and a power recliner is very useful for taking long time relaxation. A power recliner will help you place your right arm suitably and provide you with the best comfort and relaxation. When you need relaxation, you have to use a recliner, and also you have to know how to adapt a recliner for right arm surgery.

So don’t worry about setting up the recliner; we are here to provide you the step by step information through which you will learn how to set up the power recliner according to your position. We will provide you the deep information according to your height and weight, which will help you adapt the recliner according to your perfect position. What you have to do is just find out a good match for you according to the given instructions. You will not find any manufacturers that they make recliners for the left arm control only, so you have to be conscious about it before buying the recliner.

We hope we can help you by giving you valuable information that will be helpful for you. So here we go and stay with the lines which will direct you to learn this thing within a few minutes. 

how to adapt a recliner for right arm

Why do you need a power recliner for right arm surgery?

This is a big question for all of us. So the main suitable word for this question is “comfort.” You need a recliner chair to get the highest level of comfort and relaxation. After the surgery, you cannot stay in bed for long. If you stay in bed for a long time, it will affect your unpredictable back. So the use of a recliner is suitable for this time. The power recliner provides the best relaxing position because it has a stress and power system to adjust according to your body’s position. Let’s start with the steps of learning how to set the power recliner.

The steps of using a power recliner are very easy. Just go through the article, and you will get a vast knowledge of the steps. 


When the recliner is in reclining mode, you have to use a pillow under the left arm, creating an illusion. Using the pillows will help you stand up and down very easily, and also, it will help you push up and out very easily through using the chair functions. 

You have to lay something like a blanket or towel under the left arm so that it stands up rather than hanging there.

You have to take a reclining chair with a right-side reclining mode that will help you do your work easily.


If you can use an office chair to replace the recliner, it will be useful for you. This will help you get up easily using your single arm and push up the chair. 

You have to move your body very slowly when using the recliner to avoid any harm to your body.


You have to use an ottoman if you want to move more while sitting on the recliner.

When you want to get up and lay down on the recliner chair, you can use one hand to push the ottoman. The ottoman will help you use the right hand for movement when you get in and out of the recliner.

For the footrest, you can also use an ottoman. When you feel tired, you can use it for extra comfort.

You can put a pillow or towel in your lap while using the recliner and also put them on your leg; it will provide you better comfort for your leg.


You have to consult with your doctor about the recliner chair. You have to use a recommended recliner chair that is more helpful for you to use. 

You have to buy a new chair which is a good fit for you according to your body and where you will get the best comfort and relaxation. You will spend more time with the recliner, so you have found a good match for you, and you have to gather information on how to adapt the recliner for right arm surgery.


You need someone’s help when you are getting in the recliner. They have to push one side of the recliner so that you can move easily when you are getting in and up from the recliner.

You have to place a pillow on your back so you can easily get up from the chair. When you use a pillow on your back, you will easily move from the chair with one hand, so you don’t need to use your right hand when you get in and out.

Put an ottoman or one of the other footrests next to the chair beneath one of your feet. As you sit down, place a pillow behind you to support your right side. Place your head close to the front edge of a bed or couch so you can get up.

recliner for right arm surgery

Frequently asked questions:

How to fix a loose recliner arm?

Recliner chairs are made of metal or wood material that helps to make the back part of the recliner recline on the back seat. The recliner chair arm can be loose or overstretched. You can solve the issue using an Allen wrench if you find these problems. Using the Allen wrench, you can tighten the back and arm part. 

If you find loose points in your recliner, you can tighten them using the Allen wrench. 

How to sleep in a recliner after shoulder surgery?

You must use a pillow on your neck and head to balance your laying position. You have to measure how much you need padding for your arm and your caution side. When you perfectly measure the things, it will be easier for you to use.

How have I used a recliner after my arm surgery?

I had placed an ottoman on the left arm, a pillow on the back lap, and an ottoman on the footrest, providing me the best comfort when using the recliner.

How much possibility is available to get a left-controlled recliner?

You will find no manufacturers who produce recliners with control fully on the left side. You have to place a special order to get a left-control recliner. It will take a few weeks to deliver yours after placing the order. Maximum of the recliners are right controlled. 

But there is a good way to take a full remote control recliner which will help you to control the whole recliner with one hand, or someone can control it according to your need.

Is it safe to use the recliner after doing the right arm surgery?

A big “Yes.” A recliner will provide you with the best comfort and relaxation after a period of your operations. You cannot lie down the whole day, so you must use a recliner to help you relax your body. Nowadays, the recliners company has developed their recliners features, and technological updates have made them super tools for use. So there is no doubt that technology made it very friendly and easy to use. So don’t think too much it will cause your high blood pressure.

Final Words

 Recliners are the only solution to provide you best comfort and relaxation at this time. The recliner manufacturing company has added a new technological feature, the fully remote control. You can control ups, and downs, stand up, and all the movements through the remote control system. New recliners have body massage systems available by which you will get premium service quality. You can stress the recliner from 0 degrees to 140 degrees, which is very useful for sleeping. You will get a perfect sleeping position on the recliner.

So I hope you have gathered a large amount of knowledge on how to adapt a recliner for right arm surgery. We have provided you with the necessary information to find the exact solution to your problem.