Recliner footrest is a great tool of relaxation and enjoyment. It provides a suitable place for an afternoon nap or for a rainy day reading. But if you don’t have any idea about how to fix a lazy boy recliner footrest, then it can cause you considerable troubles.

Recliners usually get damaged or stuck due to heavy use. It may even sag after long term service. So it is necessary for you to know the possible remedies.

If you are facing issues with your La-Z boy recliner or lazy boy recliner, this guideline will help you to troubleshoot them easily. But before we rush toward the fixing, let’s find out the main causes of the recliner’s problems.

Why do recliners get damaged?

There are various causes of recliner’s malfunction. Finding out the source of the problem is more important sometimes to reach a credible solution.

It can help to take precautions so that the mistake doesn’t repeat again in future. So let’s know the causes of the recliner’s damages.

  • Old Recliner: It is obvious that an old recliner won’t give you the performance it gave years back when it was new. Every object gets old and their service becomes less tenable. Some parts of it may become unusable. The provided screws can no longer remain tight and flexible. So for old recliners you had better change its parts or screws with newer ones.
  • Over Use: This is another common cause of recliner malfunction. If you use the recliner too many times a day, it can provide weaker service. And if you have a baby around and if the recliner is heavily used by that kid, the recliner will likely be damaged earlier.
  • Rusting: Rust is an enemy of good performance of any mechanism. The power recliner mechanism is no different. If your room is too humid and dusty, it can affect the recliner very easily. To get rid of this problem, you can use some sort of lubricant on the screws and joints. Rust preventive measures should also be taken for your recliner’s good condition.
  • Slamming Hard: It is a common scenario that one pushes and slams the recliner too hard or often with enormous carelessness. This put some extra chunk of pressure on the exiting. Therefore the recliner will stop its mechanism sooner or later. So it is of utmost importance that you close or open it with much care.

Now we have come to know about the causes of the problems. Now let’s dive into the remedies that we can do if something bad happens.

How to fix stuck recliner footrest?

Sometimes the ratchet of the recliner doesn’t perform its task properly. As a result, you get a stuck recliner. The recliner footrest is too hard to close is an obvious symptom of this problem.

The issue can be fixed in two ways, depending on the condition of your recliner.It can either be adjusted or be replaced if necessary.

To do so, however, you need a reliable screwdriver, a good piece of allen wrench and a ratchet as a reserve replacement. Now let’s unravel, with this step by step instruction how to fix stuck recliner footrests.

Step 1: To start troubleshooting the problem, you need to put your recliner, with a gentle force, upside down. Then you have to reach the ratchet point. Other parts of the recliner may prevent you from reaching. So you need to disintegrate the parts that’s barring your movement. You can use the previously mentioned tools to reach the ratchet.

Step 2: Now as you have reached the ratchet give it a closer look. Find out thoroughly if it has any problematic issue or not. If this doesn’t seem well you can replace it. Or if it needs just some adjustment, you can do it with the wrench.

Step 3: If the ratchet condition is untenable, surely you need to replace it as soon as possible. To do so, use the screwdriver or the wrench to loose the pins or screws holding the ratchet tightly.

Step 4: Grab the old ratchet by your hand to pull it out. Then install the new one in the same way you have unscrewed the older. It is of utmost importance that you bolt or screw the pins or screws carefully. Don’t leave them loose and shaky. It can further damage the recliner.

Step 5: Now you can put the recliner as normal. Then check whether it works properly or not by checking the locking mechanism. If it works well, you can have a peaceful slumber. Buy if not, you have to check it again following the previous steps.

So, if your recliner gets stuck somehow in future, you can now easily get rid of the nuisance by yourself, without any helping hands.

Don’t be late to react if you find anything problematic about your recliner. Don’t force the recliner if it is stuck in the middle of your nap. Try to be smart in dealing with damages.

How to fix a sagging recliner footrest?

As old men bent down out of the heaviness of life, a recliner often sags out of long-term use. However, there are other reasons for this sagging as well.

To fix this issue, you need some simple instruments such as screwdriver, pins, bolts, lubricant and so on. Now as you have the equipment, let’s divulge how to fix a sagging recliner footrest.

Firstly,to fix the problem, you have to reach the problematic area first. So try to flip the recliner gently so that the bottom can be accessed easily. Don’t put the upper part in any dirty place. It can spoil its cleanliness. You can use any plastic sheet to avoid mess.

Secondly, you need to find out the screws or the bolts holding the recliner. They are normally attached with the main framework. Check their condition and strength. If they are not rusted yet and just loosened by excessive use or something similar, use the screwdriver to tighten them up to the flexible condition. It can make teh recliner rigid again.

Thirdly, if you find that the screws are of no use now and have considered rust over it, you should replace it now. Buy new screws with a considerable length. Long screws can support the structure firmly and their chance of malfunction is lower than their counterparts.

Fourthly, tighten every single screw with enormous care and precision. Don’t put them in a shaky condition since it can make the recliner worse than before.

Last but not the least, put the recliner to its original position after you have done the tightening task. Now sit on it to check if there’s any further bent or not. If there is no sag, voilà, you have solved the issue.

But if there remain sagging, troubles are lurking ahead. You may need to repeat the lazy boy recliner repair manual once more to find out the source of trouble. Or you can simply ask a pair of expert hands to solve this.

Another common cause of sagging is the stuck mechanism. The solution to this problem, however, is quite simple and easy. You just need to apply some reliable lubricant on the problem-infested areas.

First, do the likewise upside down to get close to the mechanism. Find out the supporting screws that are holding the recliner structure. Unscrew them half so that you can add lubricant with much ease.

You can use lubricant spray in parts where your hands cannot reach. With much deliberate attention do the applying. Wait for the lubricant to settle down into the applied places.

Warning: Before you apply any sort of lubricants, make sure you won’t mess them up somewhere in the recliner. You can use plastic to protect the cushions from such mess.

So now you can fix up any bent recliner footrest. But what if the problem lies somewhere else? What if your recliner simply has some mechanism problem?

How to fix a recliner footrest locking mechanism?

There are mainly two types of recliner on the market. One that works by the electrical power and the other with the lever.

A lever helps to push up or pull down a recliner according to the necessity. This lever is often fraught with complicacies and malfunctions. So what to do if a locking mechanism fails? Here’s what you need to perform.

Step 1: Keep the recliner upside down once more to locate where the locking mechanism works.

Step 2: Disassemble lazy boy power recliner parts attached to the locks one by one, especially the springs or pins. You can use simple home tools for this.

Step 3: Now simply do the replacement of the required spring for a better locking mechanism.

Step 4: Assemble the parts likewise and put them together. Infix them firmly so that it doesn’t become loose.

Step 5: Check and recheck the mechanism. Hopefully this little toil would do.

In this way, you can deal with a locking malfunction. The best way to avoid such nuisances in future is to keep applying lubricants on the important places. It can help to keep the locks in good order.

How to fix recliner footrest springs?

Ever since human beings invented things for their own comfort, the invention also needed repair and replacement. The comfy recliner is no different.

It has a working mechanism that can be worn out by the passage of time or by excessive use. Therefore, your recliner needs new springs in the places of old ones to provide satisfactory performance.

So, recliner footrest spring placement is an important task that you need to perform when necessary. To do so, you need to buy new springs. You should find the exact spring size for your recliner. Otherwise, it won’t work properly.

You can take a picture of the spring or the spring itself with you, to the hardware shop to get the similar size. However, you can simply tell the model number of your recliner to the hardware and get the stuff easily.

After you get a new spring, take a pulling hook as well. Now get access to the footrest mechanism. Use the already managed pulling hook to pull the spring from the respective holes.

Unhook the spring from both upper and lower holes with precise care to avoid any sudden harm. You know, spring can jump too fast to hard an individual. That’s why you need some extra attention here.

Now bring the spring you bought earlier, and attach them to their respective positions. Place them properly into their holes. Once you are sure that the task is perfectly done, you can test the mechanism by yourself.

How to fix a recliner pull handle?

Sometimes the pulling handle can be broken or damaged for many reasons. If it doesn’t function properly, it can be a great headache for you.

So, to deal with this particular problem, you need to replace the handle with a newer one. As done before, gather the wrench or screwdriver for this task. Now follow these steps.

  • Buy a compatible handle from any shop nearby.
  • Turn your recliner upside down. You can ask help from others if you require.
  • Find out the screws that hold the handle into the frame.
  • Remove it by the help of a wrench or similar tool.
  • Now put the newly bought handle into the place and tighten it properly.
  • Off you go. You can check its mechanism now.

How to repair lazy boy power recliner mechanism?

At the beginning of this article, we have come to know that a recliner can be either manual or power run. If you have an electric recliner and it has some problems, this section on how to repair a lazy boy power recliner mechanism can help you immensely for better action.

To fix anything problematic, try following these steps. But try to be familiar with electrical stuff, as they are risky.

Step 1: Check the transformer. If it is working well then it’s good. But if not, you had better replace your transformer.

Step 2: Go to the recliner mechanism part like previously. Then check the power outlet whether it works properly or not. Plug in a lamp, or a charger to know if it’s in good condition or not.

Step 3: But if the transformer as well as the outlet is alright, then the problem must lie in the wires. Check the wires one by one. If you find any object preventing the power supply, clear it out.

Step 4: Loose connection is another cause of mechanism failure. Put a torchlight on to find any possible loose connection. If you find any, carefully reconnect them.

Step 5: Now move on to find any cut in the wires. If found, join the both ends. Use electric tapes for secure and safe connection in the future.

In this way you can detect any possible problems with your electric recliner and get rid of them.

Quick Tips: It is highly recommended that before you start this fixing process, switch off the power supply line. Don’t neglect this important precaution. If you touch any loose wire unintentionally, you may end up in the graveyard.

Another thing you should remember is that attaching electric tapes for an extra layer of protection. It can give the wires endurance and longevity.

How to repair lazy boy recliner leather?

The leathers used in a lazy boy recliner are usually of higher, reliable quality and of great durable performance. They can provide comfort unbound if everything remains cool.

But they can be worn out after years of service and support. Usually, it becomes crack-full and discolored. You can deal with it by yourself without taking help from others.

  • First take a good brush. Brush away all the visible dust and dirt filling the leather and cushion.
  • Now take a damp cloth along with a mild soap for giving a gentle wash to the leather.
  • You can use alcohol with the damp cloth to wipe out any residue.
  • Bring a kit for leather repair and begin filling the cracks. You can use your hand or spoon to fill them with the kit.
  • Take a sandpaper. Try leveling the area and cleaning the leather with it. Repeat it a few times.
  • Take a sponge now and use a leather solution on the cushions to make them smooth. Make leave the recliner footrest uneven.

How to adjust lazy boy recliner footrest?

Recliner footrest has a number of models. But most recliners use wingnuts or similar types of thumbwheels as screws. Their role is unanimously important.

The primary task of these nuts is to control the tension of the recliner. Adjusting the tension to get a comfy position is a prime necessity.

So to adjust the recliner according to your whims, you need to reach the back part of it. At the back usually there are two screws for the footrest mechanism.

You can adjust tension by loosening the screws if you want them to be in a more leaning position. To do the exact opposite, you need to tighten the screws clockwise. It can make the recliner firm and rigid.

Another important step can be very effective in adjusting a recliner: changing the recliner pitch. The pitch here means the height of the front of the chair when you have put it closed.

If you find your recliner’s pitch is considerably too low, your knees will feel discomfort since it will keep your knees in an unusually upward position. Without doubt, it is an unacceptable posture.

On the contrary, if the recliner’s pitch is comparably higher than usual, it will be difficult for you to touch the ground. So you need to adjust it downward.

To adjust downward or upward you should follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Check how much downward or upward the pitch remains by sitting on it. You will get an idea about the adjustment.

Step 2: Now try to keep the recliner forward either by yourself or with the help of others, and get hold of the underside parts.

Step 3: Now you can adjust the bolts holding the frame and mechanism. It should be noted here that the tension bolt and the cam bolt have a lot of differences. There should be exactly four bolts in total.

Step 4: Now try loosening the two back bolts. But don’t detach them entirely. Don’t lose the bolts in the procedure.

Step 5: Remove the two frontal bolts and adjust the frame according to your convenience. Slide the frame upward or downward manually.

Step 6: Return both the frontal and back bolts carefully with the help of a wrench. Tighten them to a certain degree.

Step 7: Voilà, test them whether they fit your legs properly or not. Your knees should be bent with much ease and your feet must have the capacity to touch the floor.

In this way, you can adjust your lazy boy recliner footrest easily. However, while you are loosening or fastening you should remember one thing. Don’t tight or loose to such an extent that the screws become untenable and damageable.

How to fix a recliner chair back?

Usually recliner backs are categorised into three types. The first one locks with a lever, the other one locks with catches or tabs, and the last one locks with the help of bolts.

  1. In case of locking levers, check whether the brackets are  firmly fixed or not. It should be remembered that they should remain in downward position and well locked for comfortable seating.
  2. The second one that uses locking catches or tabs usually gets locked once you seat. There’s a bracket fastener that can be made more flexible and firm if you wish. With the help of a screwdriver you can place the tabs in good position once the back is well fit.
  3. In case of one with the bolts, you need to make loose the lower part of the recliner’s back. The bolts are usually found underneath. You should make them loose and fasten it afterwards in a convenient position.

How to fix a recliner that doesn’t recline and lean properly?

This problem with a recliner is very common. There are a number of things that contribute to a recliner leaning on one particular side. You can fix the issue issue with these:

Take some common equipment such as a pry bar, and quality wood glue. Turn it over to get access to the crucial parts. Check the spring condition. If it is in bad condition, replace it with a good one, following the steps mentioned above.

If you find that the screw size has been oversized, apply some wood glue accordingly to fix the holes. Tighten any sort of nuts or pins that are not in good order. Try replacing the mounting plates if they are old.

This can fix the problem of leaning in this way. But what if the recliner doesn’t recline at all. What to do in such circumstances?

The solution is easy. As we have done with the other issues, you need to check the cables, lever and few more things.

After overturning, check for any loose cables. If you get any, replace it immediately. Or at least, reconnect it skillfully. Find out if there is anything wrong with the lever or not.

Check the nuts and screws for operating the lever. Fix it if you get any issue. Check and recheck a few times to be sure of the effectiveness of your troubleshooting.

5 Do’s

There are certain things that you need to do while fixing your recliner. Also there are things to avoid for betterment. Let’s have a glimpse of the doable tasks:

  • Try to turn the recliner upside down every time you need to fix its mechanism. The normal position won’t offer much grip over the footrest.
  • Follow the instructions in the given manual. Don’t do it by yourself with anything you don’t know about. It is good if you can have a helping hand.
  • If you find anything small parts problematic, try to replace it with newer objects. They won’t cost you much.
  • Try tightening the bolts and screws with utmost care. Don’t let them unattended due to recklessness. They are the main supporting hand for the recliner.
  • Try to keep the recliner in normal position when you are not using it. It can save it from extra stress; thus securing greater lifespan for the recliner chair.

5 Don’ts

Likewise, you need to avoid doing some detrimental tasks. They are as follows:

  • Don’t turn over the recliner by yourself if it is heavy. Ask for somebody’s help. Otherwise, you may break the footrest itself by sudden drops.
  • Never use any old, rusty bolts or screws as replacement or repair. Always provide a new one for utmost safety. Old screws can prove fatal for its existence.
  • Don’t hurt yourself while working with the frame. There are a number of things that can hurt you. So, be careful in fixing. You know, safety should be our first priority.
  • Don’t apply wood glue with your own hands. Try with a spoon instead. It can make you feel safe.
  • Don’t let the kids play with the recliner without any valid reason. They can easily break this or that in a glimpse. You also don’t have to be childish to play with it either.
how to fix a lazy boy recliner footrest

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How long should a lazy boy recliner last?

Answer: The average lifespan of a lazy boy recliner is approximately ten years. But if the chair is not used daily or regularly, it can last more years.

On the other hand, a recliner subject to constant contact with chaotic kids and restless pets cannot go far.

Question: What is better Ashley or La-Z boy?

Answer: Both Ashley and La-Z boy are reputed brands for reliable recliners. But the Ashely recliners are less costly. Moreover, they don’t provide satisfactory after sale services.

La-Z boy, on the other hand, provides excellent quality furniture along with flexible after-sale service. But the price of their products is a bit higher. It’s better to go for Ashley when you have a shortage of budget. But when you have enough money, you should definitely go for La-Z boy.

Question: How much does it cost to repair a recliner?

Answer: The normal cost of repairing a recliner varies according to the type of repair it takes. You can expect something up or below a hundred dollars to repair it.

Question: Is it safe to sleep in a recliner?

Answer: Sleeping in a recliner instead of bed is quite normal for people who read books or watches TV sitting on it. There is no problem with a powerful nap or even the night sleep sometimes.

But it is better to avoid long time sleeping there as it can make your back hurt. But if you have already back pain and you are getting comfort there, you can go for the recliner. There’s no harm in sleeping there.

Question: Can a broken recliner be fixed?

Answer: It actually depends on the condition of the recliner footrest. If there’s something minor, you can simply fix it by yourself. All you need to do is to take some tools and replace the worn-out parts.

However, when the damage is serious like the breakage of the frame, it is difficult to fix at home. So you need a professional service there.

Question: Where can I get my lazy boy recliner fixed?

Answer: You should search a retailer or dealer of the lazy boy brand. You can search on the official site as well. The retailers are generally good at repairing. They also have different necessary parts of the recliner that may be helpful for you. So it is advised to get the recliner fixed from them.

Final Words

People who don’t know how to fix a lazy boy recliner footrest may find the process strenuous and difficult. But once you get used to it or read thoroughly about the simple procedures, it will seem to you as the simplest job possible.

But you should remember something here. Complex structural damage requires an expert hand to fix it properly. So if you get stuck into such issues, get help from a professional technician.

Try to keep your recliner in prime condition by applying lubricants off and on. But if they are old enough. Don’t hesitate to replace them. Keep your recliner footrest salubrious and have a comfy home.