Recliners are widely used all over the world for their uncountable comfort, look, and benefits. If you have a recliner and have been using it for months or years then you must be wondering about how to fix a recliner cable.

Most people fear of repairing their recliners by themselves as it may look very complicated, but once you get to know how it is done, I am sure you are going to be amazed. Repairing the recliner cable is one of the easiest things to do on earth! Also, it is cost-effective as well.

I know you must be thinking of a lot of things which you may need in order to fix your recliner but don’t worry about that too. We have come up with all the solutions to your problems so, without wasting any more time let’s get started!

After using your recliner for months, you will get to know when your recliner needs to get repaired. In normal cases your cable should work perfectly so, you don’t even need to worry about that. Although once you realize that your recliner is not working like before then it is probably time to replace your cable.

So, let us see step by step that how to fix recliner cable.

How to fix a recliner cable and what to do before starting to fixing your recliner.

Order the recliner cable

The very first thing that you would need is the new cable and replace it with the old one. Therefore, you might want to order your recliner cable online because it is easier and faster to get.

Find the right size

Also, you can find the right size of cable which goes perfectly with your recliner model. Just be careful while ordering because you would need the perfect length of cable for your recliner to function just like before. In order to do that, make sure you know the accurate length of your recliner cable and then order the new one of the same length so that you can get the same amount of reclining effect with the new one. Also, if the new cable size does not match with the old one then it will not work with your recliner.

Order the handle along with the cable

At one of the sides of your recliner, you will see the handle that connects the entire cable unit to the recliner. Therefore it is easier to match the size of the handle with your previous one to get the exact one. Also, matching the handle size with your previous one is easier than trying out cable size every time. So, order the handle and cable together and match the handle size with your recliner’s handle.


Instead of getting it fixed by a professional or get a new recliner will cost you way more than fixing your recliner by yourself. Therefore, spend a little bit of your time, try to understand the mechanism, follow the steps you need to take in order to fix your recliner and you are good to go! Within a few dollars and a little bit of your time, your recliner will be just as you wanted it to function, just like a new one!

So, let’s get started with the process

Find out the handle part of your cable

Before you start on with how to fix a recliner cable you need to know where the handle of your recliner is located. The handle is the part that allows your recliner to go backward and your footrest to come forward so the first thing is to find out the handle of the recliner cable.

Remove the handle part from the recliner

Now, the second step is to remove the handle part attached from the recliner. If it is right below your recliner hand, then push down the cushion of your recliner a bit then using a screwdriver to detach the handle attached to it. You may have different sized screws attached to your recliner so, get the perfect sized screwdriver for it and carefully pull out the screws from it.

Pull out the cable and feed the new one inside your recliner

once you are done with unscrewing and detaching the old handle part of the cable, simply pull out some portion of the cable upwards so, that you can get a clear idea about the path of the cable attached. So, once you pull out some portion of your previous cable then push in the other part (s-shaped with spring attached) of the new cable in the same path and leave both the old cable and the new cable like that.


before you know how to fix a recliner cable, you need something about the cable too. Each recliner cable has two parts, one is the pull handle part which you pull to get your perfect reclining portion and the other part is the cable release (s-shaped part) which is located inside the recliner and you will see it once pull out your previous cable completely or you can simply notice it the new cable.

  • Remember that the cable which comes with your recliner is the original once so it is not going to look exactly the same when you buy a spare one but as long as the length is fine, there is nothing to worry about because that is going to work exactly like before. Some have to pull the handle and some have to pull the lever and some come with cable release with spring and some do not have the spring attached to it.

Put the screws back in the holes

once you are done inserting (S-shaped part with spring attached) the new cable in the path of your recliner and both the cables (old one & new one) are inside your recliner, the next step is to look the handle part permanently to your recliner. In order to do that, you need to push the cushion down just like before and put the screws back in the previous holes (where the screws were attached before).

  • While doing this, now you need to put the screws first in the upholstery of your handle part and then find the previous holes and simply attach it to your recliner using the screwdriver. This step is very important and is very careful while you are inserting the screws in the holes properly.

Turn down your recliner

after you have successfully, inserted and attached the new cable, the next step is to turn your recliner by 90 degrees so that you can clearly see and work on the down portion of your recliner.

  • Only the down portion is open and you can see the cables attached to the recliner. So, simply hold your recliner using both hands and turn down your recliner by 90 degrees. Be careful while turning it down if you are doing it all by yourself because you may get hurt on your feet if the recliner falls on you.

Detach the other part of the old cable

You need to unhook your cable from the cable housing. The first thing you need to do is find the cable release or you can say the s-shaped part and detach it from the hole underneath. Carefully look at the path of the mechanism so that you know how the cable is placed. After you get hold of the s-shaped part, shake a little so that it gets detached from the whole down there and comes off completely.

  • After that part is free then you need to use pliers and try to pop in the brackets free, you need to hold the pliers from the backside of the bracket and use your fingers and hold the front part of the bracket when the bracket gets detached just leave for the time being. As your new cable will have brackets with it so it is ok if you just break your old brackets. Therefore, once you pop in your bracket, your old cable is detached from your recliner.

Attach the other part of the new cable

As it was mentioned earlier that have a careful look at the path of the mechanism so that you can put the s-shaped part/cable release inside the hole down there. After that, set the cable path as it was before and attach the new brackets inside using your hand. You do not need pliers this time, just a bit of force and your bracket will get inside and snap in place. You can clearly hear a click sound when it will be placed accurately.

Reposition your recliner

Now, you need to reposition your recliner to its old position and once again, push the side part of your cushion and take out the old cable entirely from your recliner.

Pull out the cable

When you are pulling out the old cable, remember the new cable is also beside it so pull off the old cable carefully. Once you have pulled out the old cable from the recliner system then you are all good to go!

Try it out

The very last step is to see whether your new cable functions properly or not, therefore you simply pull the handle and if the footrest rises properly then it is done and you can enjoy your recliner just like before!


you might have the pull handle below your armrest that is right beside your cushion, if that is the case then the following procedure is all you need to do, but just in case if you have your handle or pull lever outside (on the armrest or near side pockets) then the process is going to be a bit different, now you might be thinking how to fix a recliner cable in that case? Well, let us see-

Detach the pull lever first

The first work will be to detach your pull lever, in order to do that, you need screwdrivers and there will be two screws attached to the pull lever, so then you need to pull out the screws using the screwdriver. Once both the screws are out, the pull lever will get detached.

Turn around recliner by 90 degrees

once you turn around your recliner, you can easily work on the bottom part and see the entire mechanism of the cables and the steel frames attached to it. Now, you have to detach the old cable release and brackets from the recliner just the way it was discussed before.  Another slight difference, in this case, you simply take out the old cable from the system first and then attach the new pull lever and the cable with your recliner. In this case, the old cable needs to be out of the system completely from the system first as in the case of a recliner with a pull lever there is not much space to insert the new cable.

  • Therefore, to avoid the mess, you simply detach the pull lever and then the cable and pull out the entire cable from the recliner. Once it is done, you need to insert the new cable release in the pull lever’s hole, push it inside and let it go through the path, use your hand from the bottom part so that you can pull the cable out and then attach the cable release in the system and the reposition the new pull lever to the recliner. Check if the pull lever is now working on or not & Enjoy!

Final Words

By now you should know how to fix a recliner cable perfectly. As I have mentioned before, you just need to spend a few dollars and a little amount of time with your recliner. The process is not only going to save you a few more dollars but also it is very easy to do once you get to know the entire process.

I can assure you that once you start with the procedure and follow the steps one by one, you just can’t stop until it’s done. I believe once you get the courage to finish this, you are going to fall in love with your recliner all over again and feel proud of yourself because it is easy and interesting at the same time.

After this, you might be a little expert at this and you just might one to fix all the minor problems by yourself! Therefore, you must try it out yourself for once.