We know that a recliner chair is a blessing for us because it has created a place for relaxation and comfort. All of us have a recliner at our house.

Suppose you imagine your recliner is not working correctly. In that case, it will automatically cause a headache because we know without a recliner at home, we cannot think about our comfort or relaxation zone.

The recliner chair has created a place in our minds that is important for all of us. If you have older people at your house, there is no way without the recliner because it benefits the more aged.

When you find your home recliner chair is not working, it will become a profound problem, and it’s a remarkable fact to fix the problem. If you want to fix the recliner from any shop, it is costly and will waste your time with harassment. 

Fault in the spring of the recliner is a pervasive issue, and it happens often. We provide a professional guide to help you fix the problem very early.

If you follow the guide, it will be easy to fix the problem and save your money with time. So it would be best if you learned how to fix recliner chair springs which will also help you to maintain the chair carefully.

It’s not magic how to fix the recliner seat spring. Just follow the guide you will understand how to replace recliner chair springs.

recliner footrest spring replacement

How will you get to know that your recliner chair is faulty?

This matter is very common because it happens within several days and people take panic about that problem. 

First of all, when you see that after sitting on the recliner, it is sinking and making a sound like a spring bell, you have to identify that your spring is gone. 

You know that the springs are situated in the moving blocks under the seat. When the spring falls into a fault, your recliner will sag when you sit the recliner, and it will not be as supportive as before.

You cannot sit there usually, and you will automatically understand that it is not providing you as comfortable as before. So it is easy to detect the fault.

Don’t panic. If you find any issue regarding the spring failure, it doesn’t mean that your recliner is finished. Many ways are available to fix the problem, and it is not difficult to fix the problem. 

Types of the spring for recliner chair

Sagging and sinking is the main problem when the recliner chair springs fail, and you feel less comfortable than before. Spring mechanism faults are the major issues of the recliner chair.

Recliner chairs are made of different springs, and all have different types of methods to fix out. 

Our guidelines will provide you with the step by step information through which you can fix the recliner spring very concisely. 

Zig Zag Spring

These kinds of springs are called spiral springs, which are the leading cause of sinking your recliner. Usually, these helical springs are attached to the back side of the chair.

Zig zag spring supports the back part of the recliner and balances the weight. Several springs are attached in the same place to stack up the recliner chair.

These springs are generally weak, so you have to change them after a specific time, but they are less expensive. 

Changing the zig-zag spring after some time will give you better stability of the recliner with higher stiffness. These springs ensure security and comfort while sitting on the chair. 

recliner tension spring replacement

Recoil spring 

Recoil springs are usually called base springs because these kinds of springs are used in the base of the chair, and this spring controls the reclining action of the recliner.

Somehow if the springs get defective, it will create a problem in your recliner mechanism because the main reclining mechanisms are controlled by these springs.

These springs are very strong and usable for more than a year. These springs provide the recliner’s highest durability, and the recoil springs’ price is a bit more costly than zig-zag. 

Repairing the Zig zag springs guide

You only have to manage two tools: a screwdriver and a staple remover. You don’t need to take panic because you don’t need to move the recliner anywhere, and you don’t need ample space to complete the task. 

But you must ensure that where you are staying to fix the chair is comfortable for moving your body. 

Procedure  #1   Remove Upholstery

First, you have to flip your chair and then remove the pad caution of the back of the chair. Use the screwdriver and staple remover to remove the back pad. Do it slowly to avoid any harm with your hand.

You should remove the back part carefully because you will set them again. Take a picture when removing the back pad so that you can memorize the way of setting the back pad. 

Procedure  #2   Locate broken spring

You have to remove the cover carefully so that you can use them after fixing the problem. You will find the zig-zag spring after removing the chair.

After removing the cover, look at the springs carefully because it is tough to find the zig-zag spring defect. They are fragile, so it’s tough to find out the problem.

Find the defective spring and change it. It will be excellent work if you change the whole zig-zag spring set. 

Procedure  #3   Come of the broken spring

This step is quite hard, so you have to handle it gently. The upper part of the spring is hidden on the chair, so you need to push the upper part; it will automatically pull off the spring. But you have to be careful to pull out the defective spring.

Don’t dislocate the spring position during the spring setting because you have to Locate the spring properly according to the exact position.

Before setting the new spring, you have to unhook the defective springs. So without facing trouble, you have to unhook the spring. 

Procedure  #4   Replace the broken spring 

You have to buy the exact spring size according to the model of the chair from the shop so that the zig-zag springs are compatible with your recliner. 

It would help if you were concerned about the spring’s size and shape.

Insert the top spring first and then clamp the bottom part of the spring.

When you finish replacing the spring, you have to look after it again to see that you have not made any mistakes, then add the Upholstery.

how to fix recliner chair springs

Repairing the Recoil spring

If you find any defect in the spring, you have to solve it very carefully because these springs are very strong and it maintains the reclining mechanism of the recliner chair

To set the recoil spring, you need a wide area to work on and ensure enough light during the working period.

To fix the recoil spring, you will need pliers and a screwdriver. You can use goggles protection and a flashlight to avoid unavoidable circumstances.

You can also take help from your family when you are fixing the recoil spring.

Procedure  #1   Turn the recliner upside down

You have to flip the chair and turn around so that you can face the bottom of the chair. All the obstructions should be removed.

Then find out the recoil spring location by using your light. Follow up on the whole springs and inspect the conditions of the springs. 

When you find a damaged or old spring, try to take it out.

Procedure  #2   Unfasten the backseat and base

First, remove the seat and base of the recliner chair.

Unfasten the screws of the chair and then the bolts also.

A unique advice for you is to remove the backseat first so you can manage the whole procedure easily.

To secure the chair’s base part, you must remove the backseat.

Procedure  #3   Remove the cable

Most of the time, the cable is attached to the lever from outside.

Remove the casing of the cable.

Lastly, push the cord, and the cable will automatically remove.

Procedure  #4   Take out the broken spring

After detecting the defect, one unclamps those springs and removes them from the chair. 

Sometimes the springs are attached to a frame, so you have to lose them.

You may find them bolted, also. If the springs are run, then use the screwdriver to lose them. 

You have to buy compatible springs according to the chair model. Then remove the old springs and set the new ones. 

Recheck the new springs firmly settled according to the position and ready to perform for you.

Alignment of the springs is essential for the recoil spring.

Procedure  #5   Replace and install the new springs 

Test the new springs through stretching. Reclamp the spring to the right point and install them.

Then reattach the Upholstery, and you are done. 

recliner chair springs


The process of fixing the recliner chair springs is straightforward. If you follow the detailed information given, you can quickly restore your problem within a short time.

You don’t need to find an expert to fix the problem; with that, you can save your cost. We hope you have deeply understood how to fix recliner chair springs.

So when your recliner chair is sinking or making a sound, you have to understand that there is a problem with the spring, and if you maintain the guide, you can fix it on your own.

Most people love to do their work, so this guide is for those people, and you are welcome to go through the whole article. Best wishes to you and I hope you can solve your problem at home.