A TV room cannot be imagined without a recliner. We all have a recliner in our TV room because of the relaxation. We used to spend quality time with the recliner by watching TV. 

We have so many electrical machines in our house, and all of them are connected to a cord. Sometimes we can see that cords are randomly spread out in our room which is very ugly.

We all have kids at our house or older parents, so that they can affect by the spread-out cords. These cords contain electricity which is not too much to kill a person but enough to hurt a person.

We have seen when kids play in the room, the cord is always wrapped up with their legs, and they get pain. Cords are always bothersome for us in the room, which is uncomfortable. 

What we do for the solution is call the experts and hide the cord. This is very costly because we have to buy the tools and also with we have to pay the expert’s bill. 

So to reduce costs, people usually ask how to hide power recliner cords. The process of hiding cords is super easy and less costly if you use your sharp brain.

We will tell you about the easiest way to teach you how to hide the recliner cord. The steps are straightforward and super easy, saving a lot of money. Also, you don’t need any experts to do that, but you can take bits of help from your family member. 

how to hide recliner cords

Why Do You Need to Hide the Power Recliner Cords?

We have lots of electrical products at home, but the cords of the electrical products are smaller than the recliner cord. Recliner machines are very powerful, and supporting the machine’s longer cord is very important. Some power recliners have dual motor systems, so their cords are wide and long. 

At a time, cords cause lots of problems in the room. We face difficulty staying in the room, and it doesn’t seem pleasant if the cords are not hidden correctly. 

To save the children and the older people in the house from any uncertain accident, we must keep hiding cords at our homes. A large number of people need to learn how to hide recliner cords.

Methods of Hiding Recliner Cords

Using Tape

Using tape to hide the cord is the easiest way, saving money. First, you have to buy the tape from the shop, which will cost less than $2. 

Then you must attach the cords to the wall and wrap them with tape. You have to cover the cords carefully, so they don’t get up automatically. 

You can double-wrap the tape, creating a strong holding position. The process is easy and short, so you can do it independently. 

You have to mind that this will only work for a short time. This process is not a sustainable step to solve this issue. It will work for a few months only, and then you have to do the thing when the tape wakes up. 

Hide the Cord Behind the Sofa 

This process is the very simplest way of hiding the power recliner cords. This process is cost-saving; you don’t need to spend a single penny to solve the issue.

But one thing, you must create a socket behind the sofa according to your room position where you want to set the couch. You can create a socket beside the sofa or behind the sofa so you can easily hide the cords connected to the electricity line. 

This process is easy and cost-saving, but there is a chance to affect the cords very easily. Rats can cut the cords, and you will need help understanding what is happening with your recliner. 

Raise the Power Strip Off the Ground

Power strips create the most clutter, so you have to hide the recliner cord’s powers so it cannot create any further problems. You have to lift the power strip from the ground, and you can hang them on the wall very easily. 

A wall-mounted strip is much needed to do the process. You have to manage a wall-mounted strip; you can hide the power cords. When you are done, nobody will allow seeing the cords.

This process is a fantastic way to solve the issue and a smart way to hide the cords easily. It is also very sustainable, and you can use it for a long-term solution. 

how to hide power recliner cords

Be Creative

You can use your creativity to hide the power recliner cords. Use your thinking and find out a way how to overcome this issue. If you take some time to solve the issue definitely, you will get an excellent result, and it will be easy to do the work for you.

A large amount of wired decor is available in the market. If you visit the market, you will get various tools to hide the cords easily. It will also help you solve the issue with the great decoration of your room. 

You can use dehumidifiers in your living room, which will help you to hide the cords. By using dehumidifiers, you can make several cord lines instead of one line, which will help you fix the problem.

You can buy some tube-shaped concealers and then play with them. If you do that, your imagination will allow doing something amazing that you didn’t think of before. It will help you to solve the issue in a very smart way. 

This process could be sustainable way or not, but you will get pleasure if you can do it on your own. 

Command Hooks

Command hook is a smart way of hiding the cords. You have to buy some command hooks, and you will easily get them from the nearest shop, and the price is very low.

You have to set the command hooks with the wall, and then you can hang the cords with the command hook. If your electricity socket is far from the recliner, you can hide the whole way of the connection roots with a few command hooks.

Command hooks for hiding cords are a sustainable way and less costly. You can also use the command hooks the attaining the electric connection from another room. 

Zip Ties 

Zip ties are a great way to wrap the cords of the power recliner. You have to manage the cord zip ties, and then you can zip the cords.

Zip ties will allow you to zip a few cords simultaneously, saving time to do the work quickly. A zip tie is also a sustainable solution to hide the cords, which will work for a long time.

You don’t need to worry if you follow this process.

Cord Management Kits

You can manage the cord management kits that will allow you to hide the cords. You will find a tube where you can put the cords, which will also be an excellent design for your room. 

Many kits are available without the tube and are cable concealer, wall cable, wall mounted, extension cords, tether, and self-adhesive. These items will help you hide the cords quickly and give you good room decor. 

The cord management kits are very useful because they will help you hide the cords, provide you with a good decor of the room, and are very less costly with the highest sustainability. 

Surge Protector

A great way to hide the cords behind the back of your sofa. You have the mount behind the sofa, then adjust the cords with the surge protector. 

If you use the surge protector to hide the cords of your recliner, it will be a sustainable way, and the cords are not visible anymore. 

Blinder Clips

Binder clips are usually used for the wire holder, which hangs with the wall or the table. You can use binder clips to hide the cords of your power recliner. 

You have to tie the whole cords together and then put them on the blinder clip, which will effectively work. This is a sustainable way to solve this problem. The blinder clips are very user-friendly and cost-friendly. 

Insert the Cords Inside the Drawer

You can use a desk drawer in your room to store the sofa cords. It will help you reserve the whole cords and release your tension.

You have to buy a desk drawer and then drill the backside of the drawer. After drilling, you must put all the cords into the desk drawer and place them near the sofa.

It will increase the decor of your room and easily contain the whole cords of the power recliner.

hiding power recliner cord

Area Rugs

We all have rugs in our room, and we use them for the best decor of our room. You can easily hide the cords under the area rugs, which is a suitable way to fix the problem.

You have to run the cords under the rugs, and then you are done. You can do it independently, and you don’t need any help. 

You will not face any difficulty doing this, and this is the easiest way of all methods. You can use this method if you need help finding a way to fix the problem or more space to solve the issue.

Hide Them Inside a Book

At home, we all have some books which contain dust on the bookshelves. You can put the whole cords on the bookshelves. It would be best to run the cords behind the bookshelves and then put them on.

For this process, you must place your sofa in that room where the bookshelves are available. If you need more space in a room for both of them, then this process will not work.

A plain Foam

For this process, you have to place the power recliner near the wall of your room and make sure that the power socket is near the recliner.

Then tie the cords together and cover them with foam. You can match the foam color according to your room so that it looks good. 

After covering the cords with foam, you have to use tape to tie the foam to strengthen the bonding. You can put them behind the sofa or side of the sofa so that they become invisible.

This process is cost-effective and also very helpful for home decor. But you have to ensure the exact position of the cords so that they are well attached to the wall, and there is an issue with the foam panel.

Cable Catch

You can use a cable catch to decorate the cord of the power recliner. It will help you hang the cords, and they will not fall to the ground. 

This process is sustainable, super easy, and very cost-saving. 


The whole article is all about hiding the cords of the power recliner. Hiding a power recliner is a tension for all of us because it looks wired when the cords fall into the ground.

Usually, people need to learn how to hide power recliner cords. This is a super easy process to reach out to solve this problem.

We have given lots of methods to solve this problem. You can solve the problem with cord management tools or do it technically.

Technical processes are not sustainable because we do this for instant problem-solving. Using the tools will make it easier for you to solve this problem for a long time.

We hope you have gathered a lot of information and you have done reading about the methods. You must follow the process, and all the techniques are very short.

Cords in the ground are a warning for you and your family, so handle this problem wisely using the methods described.