Do you love watching movies, web series, or reading books on the recliner? If yes, then the guideline is essential for you.

Many people use the recliner chair to watch movies and read books to spend their leisure time. Recliners provide comfort and relaxation, which is the immediate need for using the chair.

Usually, people want to change the headrest cover because the recliner cover is slippy, so it doesn’t provide comfort. That’s why people used to change the headrest cover.

So if you are facing the same difficulties, we will provide you with guidelines through which you will learn how to make a recliner headrest cover.

We have divided the guidelines into two parts so that you can understand the whole procedure easy and step by step.

We will provide you with the information through which you will learn how to measure the headrest size and set the cover in your headrest position.

Go through the whole blog post; hopefully, you will understand how to make a recliner’s headrest cover.

So why late? Let’s go,

how to make a recliner headrest cover

Important Tools

These tools are essential; you must manage them if you want to change your headrest cover. All the tools are available at your nearest shop.

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape or ruler 
  • Sewing machine ( Optional )

The Guidance for Making a Recliner Headrest Cover

Here is detailed information on the guidelines. Follow the four steps.

Guideline #1

First, choose a perfect color combination matched Fabric for your headrest cover. 

Measure the height and width of the headrest of your recliner from one side to another side.

Cut the Fabric according to the double side of your headrest. Suppose the measure wide of your headrest is 15 inches, and the cut is 30 inches of the Fabric.  

Then if you measure the height of your headrest as 16 inches, cut the Fabric 32 inches.

So you have to cut the fabric 32inch (Height) x 30 inches (wide). This is a simple equation of cutting the Fabric.

Guideline #2

I hope you have successfully done the first process.

Now fold the Fabric, and you will get a perfectly matched fabric for your headrest cover.

Don’t make mistakes with the measurement either; you will lose the fabric cover’s beauty.

When you fold the Fabric, you will get a strong vibe from the Fabric.

Guideline #3

Measure the whole folded Fabric according to the measurement of the headrest of your recliner.

If you find any extra inches, cut them off.

When cutting the Fabric, remember that the measurement size follow-up line is fine.

Make sure all sides are cut according to the measurement, and there is no fault.

Guideline #4

Fold their half, and it will turn into a small square of Fabric.

And you have got your hardest cover.

If the Recliner headrest is rectangular, you must fold them to make a rectangular shape.

So maintaining the following process, you will get your final cover.

Which substance is ideal for a sofa cover?

According to the user experience of the furniture, cover materials are also dependable. 

Suppose you are looking for a gorgeous cover that is very posh and elegant look; you have to choose a wool felt slipcover. But the wool felt slipcovers are not durable enough, so you must change the cover within a period. 

If you have children and pets at your home, the wool cover is not for you because they will constantly play with the wool, and it will destroy very soon. 

So we suggest you use velvet fabric as your recliner headrest cover, which is suitable for your room and valuable for children and pets.

Do recliner coverings work?

A big Yes. You will find different kinds of Fabric which are very suitable for your recliner and will provide a gorgeous look according to your room’s interior. 

recliner headrest cover ideas

How should a recliner’s headrest cover be cleaned?

Do you have a washing machine at home?

  • If yes, take your headrest cover to your washing machine and mild them with the detergent powder. 
  • To avoid contaminating other items in the washing machine, place them inside an old pillowcase or sheet.
  • Hang the cover to a drying rack and ensure enough sunlight. 

           Please do not go through the dryer; otherwise, it will shrink.

Don’t you have a washing machine, or your washing machine is faulty?

  • Don’t panic. We have a suitable solution process for you.
  • Firstly, boil 2 liters of water and put them into a bucket.
  • Then mix four or five spoons of the cloth washing powder in the bucket.
  • Mix them through using something but don’t put your hand. 
  • Then put the cover into the bucket and soak it for 30 minutes.
  • Then put out the surface from the bucket and clean it with your hand and water (average temperature).
  • Put the cover on a drying rack, and you will get a fresh cover. 

Important note

Please do the work safely, and don’t play with the hot water. Ensure that your children are away from you when doing this work.

Can I sew a cover for my recliner headrest?

Yes, you can. It’s a straightforward process.

What is the recliner chair headrest cover?

Recliner covers are simple covers that are usually made of heavy cotton. Our article is all about making process of a  recliner headrest cover. We advise using Fabric for the recliner cover because it gives you durability and a gorgeous design suitable for your room interior.

Can you put a slipcover on any couch?

Yes, You can. Use a slipcover on any couch, which will help pull the fabric cover away from the foam recliners. 

Slipcovers usually help to protect the foam and the headrest fabric cover from dust. You can remove the headrest cover very quickly using a slipcover.

The slipcover must be a zipper to remove the original headrest cover quickly.

How much does a slipcover cost?

A quality full slipcover costs nearly $50 or more. You will find less expensive covers also, and these are available.

Advantage of a slipcover 

You can remove the cover when you want, and your headrest cover will be safe if you use the slip cover. It’s a good idea to buy a slipcover with the Fabric to match the color and the quality. Slipcover helps to protect the foam and slip cover from any harm and dust.

But there is a disadvantage also that the slipcover cannot give you the posh feel as the material headrest cover. 

Slipcovers are very dust catchy, so you must change them within a week or a short time. If you buy a piece of expensive Fabric, you must maintain the washing and drying; otherwise, firmly, it will damage within a short time.

Best Fabric to use for a headrest cover

You have to find a good fabric with a tighter weave and less fray that is strong with higher durability. 

Tighter weave material should be thicker and not too heavy because it will be difficult to handle if the Fabric becomes too heavy.

Some the people like cotton because it is thin and breathable. Many people love wool fabric which is expensive but very comfortable.

But the best cover for the recliner headrest is vinyl or microfiber because they are durable and effortless to wash.

recliner headrest protectors

Can you put a slipcover on a leather couch?

Slipcovers will protect you from spills and stains when using the recliner daily. It will cover the foam and couch daily when your children or pets are playing.

If you use an expensive slipcover, you must be conscious about cleaning and drying the cover for a specific time. So we recommend using vinyl or microfiber, which are durable and easy to clean.

Usually, people love to use cotton because the cotton fabric covers are thin and breathable. On the other hand, the fiber covers get heat, and it causes sweat from the head.


I am sure you have a recliner at your house, and you love using it for its comfort. I also enjoy using the recliner for its relaxation and comfort since we have a recliner at our house, so we have to think about the long durability of the recliner and find out how to earn more comfort from the recliner.

For the recliner’s better user experience and durability, we should be concerned about the headrest cover because a headrest cover increases the comfortability of using the recliner.

We have provided you with a guide on making a recliner headrest cover. What you have to do is follow the direction given and be careful when you are cutting the Fabric.

We have provided information about the slipcover of the headrest cover and the information about best covers also, which are durable, comfortable, and easy to wash. 
We hope you have understood the blog post well which is about how to make a recliner headrest cover and wish you a happy journey with your decision regarding the recliner headrest cover.